Sunday, March 20, 2011
Wow, has it been since January....

Welcoming Baby Kell to the family!

Out at the father/daughter dance with PopPop

Hanging out with all the cool cats at Universal and learning the Hula at the Royal Pacific, never a dull moment around here I'll tell you!

Better late than never here are a few photos from the new year. We hope everyone is ready for spring I know that we are. Even Floridians get "spring fever"!!!

Love you all...

Saturday, January 01, 2011
Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Here's hoping for a healthy and happy new year to all! These pictures are dedicated to Jan who doesn't facebook and misses seeing bloggy photos...we love you Jan!!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010
Bad Blogger!

My mother said I needed to get on the stick so I'm going to upload some pictures from Thanksgiving to redeem my good blogger status.
So much to be thankful mom, dad, brothers and of course Kacey.

Thursday, September 16, 2010
4 Years as a family and counting....

Then....first in China then in the driveway playing a little ball with the grandparents soon after arriving home!

and now at a wedding in VA playing princess in the horse drawn carraige and always mom's princess!

Our official gotcha day is September 18th but we are going take a trip with Nana and some friends to the beach this weekend to celebrate so I'll just get this up in advance rather than late.

4 years, where has the time gone!!! It seems like yesterday and it seems like forever that Kacey has been part of our family she continues to grow and become more beautiful everyday and we are most honored to be her family. Kindergarten has been just one of the milestones this year (still waiting to lose a tooth like Jena) and Kacey loves it she tells everyone that asks that she LOVES kindergarten and her terrific teacher Mrs. Bloom. She's acceling in her work and making lots of new friends, still misses her BFF from pre-school but luckily they go to Sunday School together and live close by so they get to see each other often:)
There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank the people of China for entrusting me with Lu Xiao Mei and for her birthparents who risked harm to make sure she was delivered safe and sound to Luan Child Welfare Agency where she was cared for until that fateful day in September 2006. This is how Kacey tells the story (thanks to the I love you like Crazy Cakes Book for helping define it to perfection)
...a lady in Georgia had a wonderful family but was missing a daughter, a baby in China was living in a big room with lots of friends and nannies taking care of her but she really needed a mama. The lady wrote a letter asking to adopt one of the babies in the big room and the people in China said yes IF she would PROMISE to take good care of her and love her FOREVER (she says this loudly). The lady said yes and got on a plane with her nana (my mom) and bags packed with toys, snacks and diapers and came to get her. The first day they met I cried because I was scared and mommy cried because she was soooooo happy. We played in China with our friends for a week, got on a plane and went home to Georgia...Pop, Jimbo, Kevin and Danielle were at the airport to say hi and meet me. We went home and lived happily ever after! She tells it to anyone who will listen and I get teary every single solitary time.
Oh how I love that sweet (most of the time) girl and can't imagine a life without her as my centerpiece. Happy Family Day Sweet are loved and cherished by so many.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
1st Day of School...A Milestone!

Ready for the BIG Day!

At the bus stop with her buddies Katie and Brady.
Sitting out front yes I followed the bus and brought her in.

Well the first day has came and went and all is well. We started with an absolute monsoon at the bus stop which continued through lunch time thought I may need to start building an ark:) Kacey loved riding the bus and her new teacher, the cafeteria was a little daunting but she made it through without a hiccup.

They called me when she got in the car this with my mom this afternoon, all she wanted me to know was that there were "important" papers in her backpack for me to sign. I guess that means she had a good day we are going out with a few other families to celebrate tonight I think I need it even more than she does.
Another day, another milestone I look down the road and know there will be many more but for today I'll just enjoy this one and know that she is happy!

Friday, August 20, 2010
Meet the Teacher!

a few photos from busch gardens on Sunday.

Not sure I am prepared for this day but it is here we head to the "big school" to meet Kacey's new teacher, classmates and parents tonight. The first day of school is Tuesday, she seems much better prepared than me. I couldn't even sleep last night, really I hope it was indigestion rather than being nervous about an open house:)
The word from the "professional moms" is that Kacey's new teacher is absolutely terrific and we will all love her. Nana is coming along to the meeting since she does the lionshare of the schools interactions during the year and picks her up every she is a "professional mom" and will streamline the process for all of us.
You may wonder what a "professional mom" is well my definition is someone who knows everything about the teachers, community and school, most likely has more than one child, is always up to date on the activities and is the first to sign up for said activities. These women are really quite amazing I can barely keep up with school holidays in my calendar and they have already signed up for the PTA, I wouldn't know what to do without them and I know for sure that I'll never be in their league but I always bring the juiceboxes (after they tell me to bring them).
Happy first day of school to all my little darlings I'll post more on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010
4 Years of Love!

My little warrior princess, I love you more every day!
First slow dance, so, so, so sweet then she fell alseep on Bobby's shoulder! Happy Birthday Mommy!

We love you Jena!

Claire you are such a good big sister we love you too!!

The cheering at my office started 4 years ago Tuesday when Lu Xiao Mei's face popped up on my computer screen it was the cheer heard round the world from Sharon in Hong Kong, my teams in Korea, Tokyo, Brazil and the Phillipines, my parents in South Florida and friends from the mid-west and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The Warrior Princess was coming home and there was joy in Atlanta, GA and beyond.

Fast forward to today and joy just continues to grow and blossom each day just like Kacey! She is getting ready for kindergarten and thoroughly enjoying her time at camp. I feel very blessed at how well adjusted she is and what a absolute treat she is to be around. If I may brag a bit she is smart, funny and kind and also tell the rest, beyond those lovely qualities she has some temper and is pretty darned bossy but the temper comes out rarely and she is a lot like her mom with the bossy thing so we just take turns being in charge:)

The nicest part of all is that we are just a regular happy family, we look different from each other but we have the same issues and concerns as our friends and really that is all you can ask for!

Wishing much love and happiness to our Anhui Sisters and all our precious China Sisters home with their loving families! 4 years seem like forever just like our family.

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